Vandana Maharaj & Associates

About the Director

Vandana Maharaj

has had a passion for writing and wanted to pursue legal practice from a young age. Often being described by others as a “fighter”, she took this in her stride and decided that being an attorney suited her strong personality.

She obtained her LLB in 2014 and was admitted as an attorney in 2015.
Being an experienced attorney with qualifications in mediation and compliance, she strives to resolve disputes in a modern and cost effective manner.

She is compassionate and understanding when advising her clients and focuses on excelling in service delivery.

Always interested in trying new and innovative things, both personally and professionally, she has the ability to find the most proactive and diverse solutions. Her open-mindedness and versatile personality makes her adaptable in different situations.

“It is not in our stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves”
– William Shakespeare